Keyboard Series

Keyboard Series


  Known as the "World Factory", Dongguan is one of the four tigers in Guangdong. ODM factories in many computer brand industries such as DELL, Logitech, HP and so on. From the experiment in 2017 to the actual use of keyboard, mouse and camera audio in 2019. Such as Foxconn, Lite-On, Chicony, Dongju, Kunying and other major computer peripheral equipment manufacturers. Before 2000, the main materials used in IT peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and word keys were all ABS or HIPS materials. After the material is formed, a large amount of waste material is produced. The processing cost is very high. Directly lead to increased plant management costs and the cost of finished products.
  Guoheng modifies materials by adding tougheners, compatibilizers, coupling agents, etc. At the same time, use the dual-layer filter of the mother-in-child machine to filter the impurities, and the screw is mixed and grafted. The material properties are greatly changed, which is basically close to the raw material properties. After the formula is developed, the sample shape is normal. The product has undergone a full range of functional tests: color, mechanical properties, RoHS, size, drop, high and low temperature ring test, etc. meet the requirements. The current brand ODM manufacturers: Chicony, Lite-On, Hengjing, Yingji, Hi-P and other keyboard materials have introduced 100% modified materials in all aspects. Comply with environmental protection policy and high cost performance. Directly reduce the cost of the entire supply chain.


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