Gather Heart and Spirit, Challenge Yourself -- Guoheng Technology 2024 Reunion Activities


Guoheng Technology in order to sing the main theme of unity and progress, enhance mutual understanding between colleagues, enhance the sense of trust of all colleagues to the team and others, cultivate the spirit of teamwork, so that we can face life and work with a more positive and optimistic mindset. Dongguan Guoheng and Ji'an Guoheng carried out positive outdoor group building activities on 15th June and 22nd June respectively. This is not only a simple recreation, but also a baptism of the soul and the cohesion of team power.


I. Formation training and military posture

At the beginning of the activity, we carried out formation training and military posture. The neat and tidy pace and upright posture showed the discipline and team consciousness of every employee. Sweat flowed down from the face but colleagues were not moved, still standing straight, posture like a pine, motionless. This is not only a physical exercise, but also a test of will.


II.Team Naming and Slogan

Immediately after that, we were divided into groups for team naming and slogan shouting. Each team carefully designed a unique team name and a loud slogan, which not only stimulated the creativity of the team, but also enhanced the cohesion of the team.

III. Project challenges

Moving forward in unison: we work side by side to steer the boards together, and every coordination and balance reflects the team's tacit understanding and trust.

Tug of War: This is a contest of strength and team spirit. We pull the rope tightly, work together and fight for the honour of the team.

The Da Vinci Code: The Da Vinci Code is a team challenge that combines elements of cryptography, puzzles and puzzle solving.

It aims to improve communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills among team members through a fun game format.

In the process of deciphering, we give full play to our intelligence and teamwork to face the challenges together and successfully solve the puzzles.

Delivery of balls: This project is to pass a ball together, so that we can feel the effective co-operation, connection and self-control between the team, a small ball in our hands to pass, each handover is full of responsibility and trust. We completed this seemingly simple but challenging task together.


Power Circle: aims to enhance team cohesion, develop team potential, shape individual positive beliefs, and forge iron will.

We all know that ants can carry more than thirty times their own weight. Each "member" is like an ant containing great strength and potential.

Hand in hand, we form a huge circle of power. As the tempo increases, we become even more tightly united, and together we create an amazing power.

IV. Award-winning team

After the end of the activity, the coaching team counted the scores of each group and selected the best-performing team in this group building activity, and the senior leaders of the company awarded the prize money to the winning team and encouraged them to give full play to the spirit of today's group building and bring good results to the company in their future work.

V. Self-help Cooking Competition

At the end of the event, we had a self-service cooking competition. Each team showed their unique culinary talents and cooked a delicious dish together.

The Dongguan team organised a picnic, and each team sent their most skilled members to take charge of the kitchen, while other members were responsible for washing and cutting vegetables.

The Ji'an team organised a barbecue, where everyone gathered around the grill and was bound to show their skills to let the team members taste the delicacies of the world.

This is not only a taste buds enjoyment, but also an opportunity for emotional exchange between teams.

Through this group building activity, we have a deeper understanding of the power and importance of the team. In the future work, we will continue to carry forward the team spirit, hand in hand, and jointly create a more brilliant tomorrow!


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