Monitor Series

Monitor Series


  HP Company, located in California, USA, is a global information technology company. Mainly focus on computer, printer, digital imaging, software and other businesses. It is one of the largest information technology (IT) companies in the world.
   Before 2014, the computer monitor series products (front shell, middle frame, rear shell, bracket, base, etc.) are all dyed and processed with 100% ABS materials. The EPEAT standard began to be implemented in 2014, ITE and 1333B application displays have been promoted in 2018, and OBP series application displays and notebooks have been promoted in 2019.
   Guoheng has discussed and communicated many times with the person in charge of HP. Highly recommend the company's environmentally friendly modified materials. After a number of verification tests (material mechanical properties, RoHS, UL, CQC, high and low temperature, UV resistance, etc.) are qualified, lock ABS+35%recycle ABS, ABS+85%recycle ABS for trial runs. ABS+35%recycle ABS and ABS+85%recycle ABS have been designated materials by HP and have been widely used in HP Monitor series products. And won unanimous praise from customers. Nowadays, HP downstream ODM manufacturers: TPV, BOE, Wistron, Foxconn, Quanta, Instar, Xinjin, Innovation and other production Monitor series components have all introduced this environmentally friendly modified material.


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