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Introduction:YOUHE28251OP is a new environmentally friendly functional material containing 45% Post-Consumer Recycled (PC/ABS) and 5% marine recycled material (OBP) plus 15% Talc. It has passed UL certification (94-V0 level), and meets RoHS standards, performance and The general-purpose PC/ABS is similar and has been widely used in electronic components, household appliances, sports equipment and other industries.

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YOUHE28251OP是含45% Post-Consumer Recycled(PC/ABS)和5%海洋回收料(OBP)另添加15%Talc的新型环保功能材料,通过UL认证(94-V0级),符合RoHS标准、性能与泛用型PC/ABS相近,已广泛运用于电子元器件、家用电器、运动器材等行业。

Properties ASTM Test Condition Units Typical Values
Tensile Strength D638 50mm/min MPa 58
Elongation D638 50mm/min % 8
Flexural Strength D790 2mm/min MPa 100
Flexural Modulus D790 2mm/min MPa 4250
Impact Strength, IZOD notched D256 3.2mm, 23℃ J/m 60
Vicat Softening Temperature D1525 1Kg, 120℃/h 100
Heat Distortion Temperature D648 1.8MPa 85
Melt Flow Rate D1238 240℃, 5Kg g/10min 24
Specific Gravity D792 23℃ - 1.30
Mold Shrinkage D955 23℃ % 0.2-0.5
Flammability UL94 0.8mm Class V-0
1.5mm Class V-0
3.0mm Class V-0