CRPIE2015 China. North Plastic Rubber Industry and Rubber Products Industry Expo

Date:2021-02-06 Reading:
CRPIE2015 China•North China Plastics and Rubber Industry and Rubber Products Industry Expo (North China Rubber and Plastics Exhibition) is rooted in Linyi, Shandong, the "famous city of commerce and logistics". It comprehensively displays rubber and plastic raw materials, processing technology, molds, mechanical equipment, Manufactured products and chemical building materials, heat preservation and waterproofing, pipe fittings, adhesive tape, sealing technology, polyurethane, nylon products, industrial rubber and plastic parts, automotive rubber and plastic parts, hardware and plastics, household goods and other industries' latest trends, latest technology, latest Craftsmanship, the latest products. The exhibition will be based in Shandong, radiate to the north, and face the whole country, and strive to create a grand trading market and a cost-effective communication platform that leads the exchange and development of the plastics and rubber industries in northern China.
The output of plastic products in China ranks second in the world and has become one of the world's attention-grabbing plastic processing centers. The Chinese plastics and rubber market is in strong demand. The latest data shows that in 2014, China's plastic product output reached 73,877,800 tons, an increase of 19.4% compared with the same period in 2013. In addition, 2015 will be a year of greater development opportunities for China's rubber industry, and rubber consumption is expected to approach 7 million tons. China is the focus of the world's plastics and rubber companies, and the rise of Shandong's rubber and plastics industry has filled the gap in the rubber and plastics market in northern my country, and has led the production of related products from the south to the north.
The goal of this year's North Chinaplas is to build an important stage for the North and even the whole country's rubber and plastics industry to exchange market information, exchange product availability, watch industry development trends, introduce high-tech and grafting technology and environmental protection, and perfectly combine raw materials, processing techniques, The various processing links of molds, mechanical equipment and products have developed into a very important professional exhibition in the field of plastics and rubber industry in China.
1. Exhibition time: November 27-29, 2015
2. Exhibition location: Shandong • Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 166, Yihe East Road, Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone)